2011 Black Friday Deals At Toys R Us: Door Busters Until 10 P.M. Nov. 25

Perk:Allows players to run faster than normal. However, the degree to which this perk effects the player is determined by the mobility attribute of the equipped gun. This perk is usually used with a “sprint” class.

Set office hours. Make sure everyone knows you are working at specific times. Make sure they understand that you aren’t available to play “call of duty zombies black ops” or Barbies or discuss the newspaper during those times. Give them some form of visual reminder — such as a closed door — so they recognize that these are no interrupt times.

Wii: Transformers Prime: The Game. Surprisingly enough, this game isn’t THAT bad. Thrusting you in the role of Team Prime, you must defeat the evil Decepticons as they plan to use a deadly new secret weapon. The gameplay consists of brawler style action as well as driving sequences, and features both cooperative and competitive modes. According to Lucas M. Thomas from IGN, this is even a game to be proud of. So why is it listed as the worst game of 2012? Because every other game this examiner located managed to be just slightly better. Transformers Prime: The Game is worth picking up from a bargain bin, but perhaps not paying full price for.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of call of duty games of Duty: Black Ops from any of these stores around Anoka County so you can show us your awesome killstreaks.

Sound : Sound is an important part call of duty app any World War 2 game. The idea of being surrounded with such menacing, life threatening sounds is something that is underrated by many but not by Treyarch. Once again, they’ve outdone themselves here and provided a game that’s an experience in atmosphere. The music, sound effects, and voice acting are all top notch.

The Geography and the graphics complement one another gorgeously and is a great combat game. Overall this is a great action game and is worthy for the list.

So there are my tips for Christmas gifts to get teenage boys. If you can’t find something here then you may be out of luck, but I feel like any of these options, or a combination of some, will make any guy happy.

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2011 Black Friday Deals At Toys R Us: Door Busters Until 10 P.M. Nov. 25

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