Money Making Ideas – Make Easy Money With Ebay Mini-Sites

Some people believe that there are no bad backlinks. However, it is a known fact that one way links have greater power for search engine ranking than do reciprocal ones. The truth is that even if you get different one way links from irrelevant sites and forums, they can still get traffic to your site. It might not be as much as you would like, it might not be constant, but these links will still provide some value in terms of search engine ranking. Of course, as you can imagine, your best bet is to get one way backlinks from other relevant websites, and this is when one way links start providing a great deal of value.

Now that you have a blog setup, the one most important thing you can do, is to post on a regular basis, preferably daily or even twice a day. That doesn’t mean you WordPress blogs have to write a to word article each time you post. In fact, you can take one post and split it up into two or three parts and post them with the note attached that the next part will be put up later. Soon the spider bots of Google will be visiting your site often. And of course that is what we are aiming for.

Don’t pitch yourself or your business. I know that is the reason you are submitting the article, but it is REALLY frowned upon. I used my own logos to serve as examples for an Identity Kit articled and got slapped. I also tried telling people in the article that the Article Sites would not allow my pictures, so I pointed them to my site to get the pictures. Again slapped.

Finally its the money, and if you want to generate income from your blog you can’t overlook this step. In the admin panel of your WordPress baserad sida blog there are options to add custom HTML code to designated places on your blog (say the right hand side). Here you can place AdSense ads, affiliate banners or other forms of advertising that makes you money.

If you know how to do something that others want to learn, write a short 10 page report on how to do it and sell it for five bucks. This is a great one because you only have to create the report once, and then you can sell it again and again.

If your blog has the appropriate social media plugins, then it will also make a post on your Twitter accounts. Letting your followers know that you have made a new blog post. Basically, you write it, you set it on a timer and the blog itself does the work of automatically putting your content online. How do you do this?

Article marketing is one Organic SEO tactic every website should be using. Instead of paying high prices for seo services, why not write or hire someone to create keyword rich articles for your site. The benefits will surprise you.

You’ll also want to install some WordPress plugins. These are scripts which perform functions on your blog. Your blog already has a plugin which will guard it against spam, so activate that plugin.

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Money Making Ideas – Make Easy Money With Ebay Mini-Sites

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