Seo – The Basics! Your Real Start To Get 1 Placement On Google!

When I started out building websites and blogging, I used free themes. At first, I thought free were great. As I started building my sites and wanting more capability, I grew frustrated.

Read the article and comment appropriately. It’s strange but true that some people do not read the article and just leave generic comments. This doesn’t impress anyone and may lead to your comment being flagged as spam.

So let WordPress blogs me walk you through a few systems that can make you money. I have seen some returns within as little as a day. But, those projects have returned money within as little as a day because of all the work I put into it to set it and let it. Don’t think that all things happen that fast. But, they can happen fast.

Of course, you can change the date to become tomorrow, next month, next year or whatever and schedule as many blog posts as you want in advance. What I like to do is schedule at least one blog post per month, ahead of time. That way I know that for the next six months, I will at least have one new blog post every month without me having to do anything.

If you’re new to WordPress, do check out my “WordPress baserad sida Videos” course. With over 40 video tutorials, I’ll show you how to get a free listing in Google and unleash the power of your WordPress blogs.

A tip – read your chosen company’s Help files before you buy. Look for “WordPress installs”. Be sure that your host will install WordPress for you with just a few clicks.

19.Go ahead and try to start your own article directory, but you better do something to make it unique and beneficial to the article submitter. Whats going to make an individual submit to your article directory as opposed to ones that they are accustom to submitting to and “plus” get results with. The good news is most of the other article directories are doing pretty much the same exact thing that everyone else is doing, you just have to be that much different and find your unique positioning.

There is a lot of blog software out there but the most popular by far is WordPress. If you are using a good webhost then they should have a feature known as “Fantastico” that allows you to install a WordPress blog with just a few mouse clicks.

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Seo – The Basics! Your Real Start To Get 1 Placement On Google!

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