Tips On A Home Remedy For Athlete Foot

On October 4, 2008 – after weeks of researching, and months of prodding from my wife – I bit the bullet and purchased the Isagenix 30-Day program. I signed up as an associate, thus giving me the products at wholesale.

Athlete’s krema za gljivice caused by the fungus tinea pedis, which often grows in areas that are moist and warm. And what can be warmer and more moist than your feet especially when inside those rubber shoes?

One of the most common ways through which athlete’s foot is spread is contact with an infected surface. This is very common in areas like locker rooms, public showers etc. This explains why it is called athlete’s foot.

Scrubbing Alcohol – You could mix 1/2 mug alcohol in by way of a mug of vinegar as well as drinking water to immerse the feet in and it works very well. You could take cotton balls and scrub the alcohol directly to your toes as well as feet. Once again, either strategy functions as some kind of players foot cure.

You can buy Echinacea in a health food store as a tea or in a pill form. Echinacea tea is also found in some grocery stores in the area that you find tea in. Echinacea tea is a common tea that can help your immune system. You can buy Echinacea tea in already made tea bags or you can get it in a loose leaf bulk tea. Follow the directions that come with the type of Echinacea tea you buy.

One of the problems I found while searching for my own cure was, that I couldn’t find very much valuable information on the Internet about nail fungus. You can use the search engines to try to find a forum or some type of newsgroup, but there is hardly anything on the net as far as real help goes. This is surprising because according to statistics there are over 30 million people affected with some type of nail fungus problem. You will usually find a bunch of people posting about their conditions (cures for help) but very few if any solutions and the solution you do find are questionable. Home remedies that don’t work, at least it didn’t work for me, and people trying to sell you all kinds of creams and miracle cures.

You can get rid of them using very simple method: Get a clove of garlic, run it through a garlic press or cut up into small pieces, add a small pinch of sea salt and using a spoon – mash it till smooth. Put a dab of it on the top of the corn and cover with band-Aid. In 2-3 days pull the band-Aid off – in most cases the corn will come off.

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