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For those of you that live in the wonderful area of Australia, where the kangaroos run free, you are in luck. In case you have not heard, the Australian Government has set aside 3. 9 billion dollars that will be going to what is called insulation rebate. What is this rebate all about? Well, we are going to give you all of this news as we write the article. Basically, it has been estimated that 2. 2 million homes in Australia do not have any roof or ceiling insulation. They are providing up to 1, 600 dollars to households in order to have their homes insulated. So far, this sounds fair, correct?

If you have an uninsulated crawl space below your home, spread a 4 or 6 mil polyetheylene film over the ground and insulate between the joists with R-13 fiberglass. The vapor barrier is always placed against the warmer space which is the floor above. This ceiling insulation johannesburg is held in place with wire hangers made for that purpose. (Not well marked in the store so just ask for assistance.) If you use a staple gun, make sure that you use stainless steel staples.

Light Colored Walls: light colors reflect light. You should paint your house with light colors and ensure the west side of the house is reflective. This will reduce your house cooling requirements.

When consulting on new home construction we advise people not to put the ductwork in the attic. You can lower your cooling loads by as much as 20% just by getting the ductwork out of the attic. Now I know that isn’t always possible so we recommend placing the ductwork directly on the ceiling joists and covering it with cellulose insulation. This along with an attic radiant barrier makes for a pretty efficient heating and cooling system.

Radiant barrier prevents up to 97 percent of that radiant heat in the roof from radiating in to the attic. As a result, it can lower the attic temperature by 30 degrees. And in the southern U.S. where temperatures easily reach 95 degrees and above, that’s a huge difference!

Lack of cleaning quickly turned popcorn ceilings dingy from soot and dust buildup. Those unfortunate homeowners whose popcorn ceilings turned a dingy gray or had become stained from water damage quickly discovered that trying paint a popcorn ceiling was a little bit like trying to paint sand. The granules of popcorn would stick to the roller brush, and made it impossible hard to paint without ruining the texture of the ceiling itself.

You can alter the brilliance, and set different areas of the room in various brightness. These lights provide you the flexibility of trying out different options of illuminating your living spaces. You can switch some lights on, and keep other off to give a good look to your rooms. Depending on the ceiling height and its design, you can choose the kind of recessed lighting that best suits you room.

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