Easy Kid Recipes In A Flash

If you’ve never smoked a turkey before, I urge you to try it. Oven roasted turkey is what most of us have eaten all our lives. Turkey and dressing with gravy is an American tradition and we wouldn’t want to change that. Keep the dressing and gravy the same, but let’s see if we can liven up that ole turkey!

Once you have picked your grill, you will need to move on to the next items: the grilling tongs and a wide spatula. You will need the tongs to flip, rearrange, or remove pieces of meat cleanly off the frill without burning yourself. Stainless steel tongs are durable and easy to clean. For some foods, you will need a wide spatula so that you can flip hamburgers that may break if you use tongs. When you are shopping for the spatula, remember to pick one that has a handle long enough to let you flip hamburgers without getting singed.

This tour is about three miles, and three hours long. The amazing thing about this particular section of the cave is how large the tunnel is, and how level the rock strata are in places. At the first part there is an introduction to the historical War of 1812 activity of mining saltpeter (potassium nitrate) for making gunpowder and preserving meat. Deeper in is the section where Dr. John Croghan set up a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1842. It was thought that the dry air and constant temperature of the cave would cure the illness. To think how people lived down there for months without seeing daylight and exposed to the smoke of Cooking and heating fires was a sobering thought.

Count me an idiot, call me crazy, shake your finger at me and tell me how foolish I am. But I do believe a primary reason for many of the problems plaguing American families today is because we no longer sit around the table in the evening for a family meal. We no longer have that time where we talk, listen and yes, sometimes even argue about the things in our lives that are important.

Simply spreading frosting or peanut butter on vanilla wafers or graham crackers is an easy yet scrumptious treat. You can also make a very different treat from graham crackers. Spread frosting or peanut butter on the graham, then add chocolate morsels, butterscotch morsels, marshmallows, nuts or other goodies. You can combine the additives or just choose one.

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Place sweet potatoes in a greased 11x7x2 inch baking dish. Sprinkle with cranberries and pecans; spoon marmalade over top. Cover and bake for 25-30 minutes or until heated through.

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