Things To Consider When Installing A Pentair Intelliflo Pump

Today there are practically no homes left that go without an individual swimming pool of their own. Some are built out in the lawns while others might be in the backyard, and some even built indoors. An open pool of gallons of water could be a threat at times as well. There is always a need to keep your swimming pools covered quite well with the ‘right’ kind of above ground pool cover.

Turn the water bed heater off when not needed. Now this one I would not necessarily agree with. I do have a water bed and I know that the slightest change in temperature makes a huge difference. If you turn it off and it cools down too much, it will take too long to warm up again. I would have to not agree with this suggestion.

Power of the pump. Pool owners usually want as much power as possible from their pump, but it can also be a disadvantage. Too powerful a pump can prevent proper filtration to occur. An overly powerful pump can also damage the pool filter and heater. High powered pump installed in the wrong pool could even blow the pipes or fittings together. Some of these issues could cause more damage and bring more costs than savings.

There are specific types of pumps for the many different types of pools. There are pumps for in ground, above ground, and spas. When it comes to spas, there are pumps available for the same purpose and benefits. However, such pumps are designed to provide extra thrust for massaging and bubble jets in most spas. This is what makes a spa pump a little different from most Palmetto Commercial Pools. It has its dual purpose in maintaining working with the filter to effective clean the entire pool while allowing additional thrust to the bubble jets.

In our first example we are going to purchase a constant flow pump that turns itself on and off once per day. So, let’s say you set the pump to run during the night when energy rates are at their lowest. You want the pump to run for six hours every night. Therefore, in six hours time the pump must move 30,000 gallons of water. If we convert six hours to minutes (6×60) we have 360 minutes. Thirty thousand gallons of water moved in 3600 minutes means you need to purchase an 83 gpm pump or larger. To make the pump smaller you can cycle more times per day.

To check out the capacity of a pump, divide the pools volume by 4 and then divide the result by 60,000 liters. Note that 60,000/4 = 15,000/60 = 250 is the net minimum number of quantity (in liters) which the pump will be needed to generate in a minute.

The size of the pool pump that you use for your system will be determined by the size of the pool and the complexity of your overall system. For instance, if you have a solar pool heater system you will need a larger capacity pump to push the water through it. In the end it is always best to consult an expert before you make your final decision on a pump and filter for your pool.

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Things To Consider When Installing A Pentair Intelliflo Pump

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