Travel Tips – How To Survive A Bus Trip

Bra Spider and Bra Cunny Rabbit have always been friends. So close were they that not a day passed without one of them calling on the other. But of the two, Bra spider was the least educated, for he was greatly reluctant to go to school and improve himself. So in effect he never attended any school whatsoever. Whenever he was sent to school, he would swear and protest as if he was going to be lynched. In his heart he felt it was useless and a sheer waste of time. So while his friend Bra Cunny Rabbit took delight in going to school and in learning, in general, Bra Spider remained out in the street playing football. In spite of this the two still remained good friends. After Bra Cunny Rabbit returned from school, he and his friend would play together for some time.

12. Use your carry on bag to keep any medication and important papers. This will be useful on long flights with multiple stopovers. Especially if you flying via London, LA or any major airports, your bags tent to get delayed or lost long haul during the custom inspections. Hence, you can continue with your medications.

Early starts are the bane of travellers particularly when taking international transits. Investing in a small, battery powered portable alarm clock will help to ensure you wake up in time. Oversleeping can severely set you back, especially when in destinations with poor or infrequent transit links.

Also pack everything in clear plastic bags separately according to the items. Before packing in your backpack or suitcase, pack your items such as underwear, T-Shirts and shorts etc. in separate transparent plastic bags so that you no need to search for anything. If you pack everything transparent, you can unpack them easily during the custom checks. But you should not dispose them lying around, if you are traveling in a forest or hill stations or any restricted places.

If the airline fails to find your bag, they will try to replace your bag with the closest match possible (in theory). The reality is that airline policies and fine print will only allow a certain budget to replace the bag. You also may be entitled to a reimbursement for items in the bag that are now floating around in snappy tags purgatory. Remember to be firm in your request for this reimbursement. They lost your bag, they should reimburse you what you have lost. I don’t want to say get ugly, but definitely don’t be a pushover!

As far as the eastern parts of the Kakheti region are concerned, there are many bed-and-breakfasts available in both Dedoplistsqaro and Lagodekhi. In Dedoplistsqaro, you can contact the Vashlovani Nature Reserve Ranger’s office to organize a tour of the Vashlovani Nature Reserve and the people at the Vashlovani Ranger’s office can also find you bed-and-breakfasts in Dedoplistsqaro and arrange tours to the Tamar Fortress, Eagle Canyon and Elias Mountain.

In the lamest rose ceremony ever, Ali says she’s “100% sure Frank isn’t the right guy for me”. Since he’s already on a plane back to Chicago, I guess she’s right.

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Travel Tips – How To Survive A Bus Trip

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