Wwe Pay Per View Numbers Drop 25%. What Needs To Change? Post Your Thoughts..

I recently had the *enlightening* experience of interviewing the super sassy, supremely sweet, and always enviable Emerson Cole. If you’re unfamiliar, you haven’t devoured Myra McEntire’s Hourglass. In which case you’re deprived, and I advise you to remedy such a tragedy lickity-split. Hourglass is a haunting and unputdownable ride, full of Emerson’s specters, time travel, and true love. It’s the kind of story that will have you returning again and again, reliving escapades, savoring sizzling tension, and white-knuckling heart-pounding suspense.

A. Stepping into the promoting world and being a wrestler at the same time especially when you grab the bull by the horns and then learn about politics.

I know you’re hugely popular in Japan – is that your best audience? What’s the difference between say a Japanese audience and one here in the states or in Europe?

3) OJ Simpson in the Naked Gun series – The “Juice” always had charisma and a natural ability to act. He played the perfect friend (victim) to Leslie Nielsen’s character in this slap stick humor series. Who could forget OJ rolling down some stadium steps in a wheelchair and flung in the air only to come crashing down to the ground. I’m sure many people wished it was the real thing. No doubt, OJ’s most memorable performance, if you don’t count his trying on those gloves at his trial for killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman.

AUSTIN: I was just excited about being a part of WWE again. I still WatchWrestling, and I’m excited to have input in making future stars in the business that I’ve loved since I was 7 years old.

Sometimes, the simplest things are the most effective ways on how to get a guy to love you. Whether it’s his birthday or not, giving your man small surprises will make him slowly fall for you.

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Wwe Pay Per View Numbers Drop 25What Needs To Change? Post Your Thoughts..

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